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1. Fundamentals of Irrigation and Fertilizers By Ved Pal Singh

ISBN : 81-85290-00-8 (hb); 81-85290-01-6 (pb)

Price : US $ 30.00 (hb); US $ 18.00 (pb)

Year : 1988

Discount to Book Sellers : 20%


PART-A (Irrigation)

  1. Sources of irrigation
  2. Irrigation and its history
  3. Water plant relationship
  4. Water requirement of crops
  5. Irrigation water efficiencies
  6. Duty of water
  7. Movement of soil water
  8. Forces of soil water retention by soil
  9. Classification of soil water
  10. Soil moisture constants
  11. Approaches for irrigation scheduling
  12. Measurement of soil moisture content
  13. Measurement of actual ET
  14. Determination of ET by empirical equations
  15. Methods of irrigation
  16. Measurement of irrigation water
  17. Quality of irrigation water
  18. Land Drainage.


PART-B (Fertilizers)

  1. Mineral nutrition of plants
  2. Classification of fertilizers
  3. Single nutrient fertilizers (primary major)
  4. Secondary major and micro-nutrient fertilizers
  5. Poly-nutrient fertilizers
  6. NPK and mixed fertilizers
  7. Soil amendments
  8. Methods of fertilizer application
  9. Recovery of nutrient


2. Abstracts of Crop Research (Ed. Ved Pal Singh)

ISBN: 81-85290-05-9

Price : Rs. 1500.00 (India) and US $ 300.00 (other countries)

Discount to Book Sellers : 20%

This publication aims to meet the growing demand for abstracts of papers published in “Crop Research” journal (Vol. 1-14, 1988-97) on various aspects of crops including cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, fibres, sugar & starch, fodder, vegetables, fruits, condiments, spices, aromatic, medicinal, narcotics, flowering and ornamental plants and tree species. Total 1167 abstracts are given in this book.

3. Advances in Potato Science (Editors: R.K. Maiti and V.P.Singh)

ISBN: 81-85290-07-5 (hardcover)

Price : Rs. 750.00 (India) and US $ 150.00 (other countries)

Discount to Book Sellers : 20%


  • History and Evolution of Potato
  • Physiology of Potato Plant
  • Mineral Nutrition of Potato
  • Potato Growth and Productivity
  • Cytogenetics and Breeding in Potato
  • Biochemistry of Potato
  • Quality of Potato
  • Potato Bio-technology
  • Potato Agro-technology

4. Cactus-Biology, Propagation and conservation (Editors : Edited by : R. K. Maiti, V. P. Singh, A. Baquie, E. Sanchez-Arreola, P Wesch-Ebeling, Jaime Alischa Cuervo Parra, Hector Perdome-Velazquez and J. L. Lorenzo T.)

ISBN: 81-85920-08-3      Year: 2003

Pages: 98 (paperback)      Price: Rs. 350 (US $ 95)


  1. Introduction
  2. Variability in seed morphology of cactaceae species
  3. Process of germination, seedling growth and characterization of seedlings
  4. Morphology and anatomy of some cactus species adapted in high land valley of Puebla, Mexico
  5. Phenology of some species of cactaceae with special reference to Mammillaria, 6. Germination, propagation and conservation of Echinocereus, Mammillaria, Ferocactus and Gymnocaly speceis of Cactaceae
  6. Propagation Conservation and Creation of a germplasm bank of cactaceae at the seedling stage in a green house nursery
  7. Efficient transfer of technology from laboratory to green house in the massive propagation of cactus species

5. Advances in Sorghum Science (Editors : R. K. Maiti, V. P. Singh and A. B. Mendoza)

ISBN : 81-85920-09-1               Year : 2004

Pages : 156 (paperback)          Price : Rs. 450 (US $ 150)


  • Research Trends in Agronomy Management of Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]
  • Research Advances on the Vegetable and Reproductive Growth and Productivity of Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]
  • Recent Approaches on the Physiological basis of Crop Growth in Sorghum under Diverse Edapho-climatic Conditions
  • Research Trends on Mineral Nutrition in Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Monench]
  • Research Trends on Sorghum Food and Feed Grain, Fodder Value and their Diversification of Uses
  • Research Advances on Biotic Factors Affecting Sorghum Growth and Grain Quality
  • Recent Approaches on the Use of Biotechnology in Sorghum Crop Improvement
  • Some Recent Advances in Sorghum Breeding
  • A Review on Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) Seeds and Seedling Establishing

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