Vol. 16, No.2 (1998)

Titles of research papers/articles published in CR Vol. 16, No. 2, 1998. For full text, please contact Editor-in-Chief at md@cropresearch.org

1. HARBIR SINGH AND KEITH T. INGRAM [Variety and water deficit effects on phenology, growth and evapotranspiration efficiency in rice]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 133-142 (1998). Agronomy, Plant Physiology and Agroecology, The International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines

2. K. PONNUSWAMY, P. SANTHI AND S. V. KOTTESWARAN [Soil moisture distribution pattern under drip irrigation in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 143-145 (1998).Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Aduthurai-612 101 (Tamil Nadu), India.

3. S. B. SINGH AND J. P. SINGH [Variation in yield and agromorphological characters in groundnut cultivars (Arachis hypogaea L.)]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 146-149 (1998). G. B. P. U. A. & T. Research Station, Ujhani-243 639 (U. P.), India.

4. R. N. KUMAR, M. LAWRENCE AND SHAIK MOHAMMAD [Technological manipulations in sowing method and nitrogen application rates to parental lines in seed production of CSH 14 sorghum hybrid]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 150-155 (1998). Department of Seed Science and Technology, Agricultural College, Rejendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030, India.

5. N. DAS, S. RAY, S. N. JENA AND P. K. MOHANTY [Effect of certain herbicides on weeds and population of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in mustard]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 156-158 (1998). College of Agriculture, Orissa university of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar-751 003, India.

6. R. K. NANWAL, B. D. SHARMA AND K. D. TANEJA [Role of organic and inorganic fertilizers for maximizing wheat (Triticum aestivum) yield in sandy loam soils]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 159-161 (1998). Department of Agronomy, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004, India.

7. R. A. SHARMA, R. S. NEMA, M. C. CHOURASIA, M. S. UPADHYAY AND R. K. GUPTA [Impact of different components of dryland technology in raising the productivity of watershed area of Indore, Madhya Pradesh]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 162-167 (1998). A. I. C. R. P. for Dryland Agriculture, J. N. Agricultural University College of Agriculture, Indore-452 001 (M. P.), India.

8. S. C. SHARMA [Status of DTPA-extractable Zn, Cu and Mn in soils of national watershed of Myana of Madhya Pradesh]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 168-170 (1998). J. N. K. V. V. College of Agriculture, Gwalior-474 002 (M. P.), India.

9. AMAR VEER SINGH AND I. P. S. AHLAWAT [Studies on N-economy in rainy season maize as affected by P-fertilizer and stover management in preceding summer greengram]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 171-179 (1998). Division of Agronomy, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110 012, India

10. A. B. TURKHEDE, B. T. CHOUDHARI, C. N. CHORE, D. J. JIOTODE, H. V. KALPANDE AND KU. A. W. THORAT [Studies on nitrogen requirement of promising cultures of mid-late transplanted rice]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 180-182 (1998). Department of Agronomy, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola-444 104 (M. S.), India.

11. A. B. TURKHEDE, B. T. CHOUDHARI, C. N. CHORE, D. J. JIOTODE, H. V. KALPANDE AND V. V. KALPANDE [Nitrogen requirement of promising cultures of transplanted late group rice]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 183-185 (1998). Department of Agronomy, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola-444 104 (M. S.), India

12. S. A. SRIHARSHA, M. A. SHANKAR AND G. DEV [Response of mulberry to potassium nutrition and its economics]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 186-191 (1998). MRS Unit, Department of Sericulture, University of Agricultural Sciences, Hebbal, Bangalore-560 024, India.

13. S. B. DEVARNAVADAGI, V. N. KULKARNI, S. B. KALGHATGI AND D. I. JIRLI [Performance of Leucaena genotypes under nursery conditions]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 192-195 (1998). Regional Research Station, P. B. No. 18, Bijapur-586 101 (karnataka), India.

14. M. K. SHRIVASTAVA AND R. S. SHUKLA [Genetic analysis for yield and its components in soybean under different environments]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 196-201 (1998). Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, J. N. Krishi Vishva Vidyalaya, Jabalpur-482 004, India.

15. M. K. GUPTA, J. P. SINGH AND V. K. MISHRA [Heritability, genetic advance and correlation analysis in pea (Pisum sativum L.)]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 202-204 (1998). Janta Mahavidyalaya, Ajitmal, Etawah (U. P.), India.

16. D. ANNAPURNA, H. A. KHAN AND SHAIK MOHAMMAD Genotypic-phenotypic correlations and path coefficient analysis between seed yield and other associated characters in tall genotypes of maize]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 205-209 (1998). Department of Genetics and Plant breeding, Agricultural College, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030 (A. P.), india.

17. R. N. KUMAR, SHAIK MOHAMMAD AND M. LAWRENCE [Association and path analysis of morphological characters in seed parent of CSH 14 sorghum hybrid]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 210-214 (1998). College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar, hyderabad-500 030 (A. P.), India.

18. R. BORGOHAIN AND N. K. SARMA [Combining ability for grain yield and its component characters in deepwater rice]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 215-219 (1998). A. A. U. Regional Agricultural Research Station, North Lakhimpur-787 001 (Assam), India.

19. INDERJIT SINGH [Variability and correlations in blackgram]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 220-223 (1998). PAU Regional Research Station, Gurdaspur-143 521, India.

20. V. S. SANGAM, R. R. HANCHINAL, M. B. CHETTI, B. RAJGOPAL AND S. K. PRASHANTHI [Phenotypic stability of wheat genotypes for epicuticular wax load under heat stress environments]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 224-228 (1998). Wheat Improvement Project, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad-580 005, India.

21. V. S. SANGAM, R. R. HANCHINAL AND P. M. SALIMATH [Tolerance to heat stress and character association studies in wheat]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 229-234 (1998). Wheat Improvement Project, AICRP on Wheat, Main Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad-580 005, India

22. Sher Singh Verma, Urmil Verma, O. S. Dahiya and R. C. Punia [Comparative seed vigour studies in wheat]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 235-238 (1998). Seed Production Technology Cell, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004, India.

23. F. E. NWILENE, K. F. NWANZE AND Y. V. R. REDDY [Effect of sorghum ecosystem diversification and sowing date on shoot fly, stem borer and associated parasitoids]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 239-245 (1998). International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Patancheru-502 324 (A. P.), India.

24. RAJESH PACHORI AND V. P. GARGAV [Relative efficacy of different insecticides against Spodoptera litura Fabricius as cutworm]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 246-250 (1998). Department of Entomology, J. N. Krishi Vishwa vidyalaya, Adhartal-482 004, Jabalpur (M. P.), India.

25. HARSH N. VYAS [Pest complex of ornamental plants_rose, Rosa indica Linn. and jasmine, Jasminum sambac Linn.]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 251-252 (1998). Govt. Department of Zoology, Entomology Section, Holkar Science College, Indore (M. P.), india.

26. M. DEKA AND L. K. HAZARIKA [Lifetime mating pattern of rice hispa, Dicladispa armigera (oliv.) (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae)]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 253-256 (1998). Department of Entomology, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat-785 013 (Assam), India.

27. M. DEKA AND L. K. HAZARIKA [Investigation of female sex pheromone in rice hispa, Dicladispa armigera (Oliv.)]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 257-259 (1998). Department of Entomology, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat-785 013 (Assam), India

28. M. K. DEKA, KARAN SINGH AND R. HANDIQUE [Bioefficacy of aqueous plant extracts on viability of eggs and subsequent development of tea mosquito bug]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 260-264 (1998). Tra, Tocklai Experimental Station, Jorhat-785 008 (Assam), India.

29. ASHA SINHA, S. K. PATHAK AND A. S. YADAV [Studies on mycoflora of decomposing root litter of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) in relation to different climatic factors]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 265-270 (1998). Department of Mycology and Plant pathology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras hindu University, Varanasi-221 005, India.

30. R. L. SINGH AND TRILOCHAN SINGH [Barriers and promoters of communication strategy]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 271-276 (1998). J. N. K. V. V. College of Agriculture, Indore-452 001, india.

31. H. D. VERMA AND A. K. CHOUDHARY [Studies on sugarcane varieties in western Madhya Pradesh]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 277-279 (1998). Main Sugarcane Research Station, R. A. K. College of Agriculture, Sehore-466 001 (M. P.), India.

32. N. SHANMUGAVALLI AND C. VANNIARAJAN [Genetic variability studies in sesamum]. Crop Res. 16 (2) 280-281 (1998). Department of Agricultural Botany, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Killikulam-628 252 (Tamil Nadu), India

33. S. S. MEHETRE, V. R. PATIL AND D. V. DAHAT [Gamma rays induced branching habit mutant in Gossypium hirsutum L. cotton]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 282-283 (1998). All India Co-ordinated Cotton Improvement Project, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri-413 722, India.

34. G. VALARMATHI AND S. LEENAKUMARY [Performance analysis of high yielding rice varieties of Kerala under direct seeded and transplanted conditions]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 284-286 (1998). Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pattambi-679 306 (Kerala), India.

35. A. K. MOHANTY, P. M. PARIJA, A. DHAL AND P. N. SETHI [Studies on the control of macrophomina disease of green gram in Orissa]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 287-289 (1998). Department of Plant Pathology, Orrisa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar-3, India.

36. H. K. MEHTA AND S. CHAUDHARY [Study on animal husbandry practices done by tribal farm women of Jhabua district (M. P.)]. Crop Res. 16 (2) : 290-291 (1998). Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jhabua (M. P.), India.

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